The Eagles and the Hawk

February 9, 2010 at 6:06 pm 1 comment

a.k.a. January in Review

Somehow these two birds have something to do with how I account for the month of January… 

So, once we settled in after our holiday travels we found ourselves with additional days to rest up and relax at home.  A tradition from early on in our marriage is to watch The Lord of the Rings series over the break for New Years and decided it was time to reinstitute the tradition. We just love these movies.  I have often thought (and said, of course!), that Eric and I fell in love reading The Lord of the Rings.  The Christmas before we started dating, which, in case, you do not really know us, was after years and years of being great friends, Eric got both of us a set of the books and we set out to finish up the books in time for the movies.  We started dating in February (although everyone else swore we had been dating for months already) and enjoyed many great times together reading and discussing the books, and then going to see the movies.  So, that is the background on our love of The Lord of the Rings.   Again, in case you do not know us, we are indeed big dorks.  And pretty much, we are ok with that.

And I have found myself repeatedly inspired and reminded of the eagles in the movie and how they appear when all else looks gravely lost.  When you absolutely believe all hope is gone.  When all possibilities are gone.  When there is nothing to hold onto.  When only the Sovereign Lord can move, and He moves in ways that are often unimaginable.  The eagles have inspired my celebration of the New Year as we look forward to Hailey’s first birthday and transition into toddlerhood.

**(Editor/author note: I am sure that makes sense to no one…but I have tried to write this post for 2 weeks and keep getting stuck trying to write it differently…sorry, I am sure you already know grammar is not my thing, nor is clarity)  [(and yes, I did teach logic and debate…)]

Finally, finally, finally, on January 22, Hailey’s first tooth arrived!!!!  I cannot believe I did not get to posting this BIG news until now, but alas, even as I write this she is darting her fingers at the keyboard, which explains the delay in news from our home.

On January 28 we celebrated Eric’s 34th birthday!  Hailey and I took him out to lunch and then out for dinner (truly a gift for Mommy too!).  We also made him his first Coca Cola cake in honor of one of his true loves.  It was yummy and full of Coke.  Not sure how you measure cooked Coke caffeine, but I am sure it was as fully loaded as any venti cup of joe.

On the last day of January, we were all home enjoying a Sunday afternoon.  Hailey had been getting into the blinds on the back door all week, so I asked Eric to unhook them (a Dadda task to me, for some reason).  Hailey immediately moved to her newest favorite place in the house and started chatting to the backyard.  Eric and I went to finish cleaning the kitchen, and suddenly heard a huge “BANG” against the back door.  We turned to see an explosion of white feathers, and then a hawk stumble around the deck completely dazed, and then fly away.  Indeed, a hawk had spotted Hailey and decided she was his for the taking.  After a few moments of putting it all together, Eric forbid me to ever leave Hailey in the back yard alone…which was my latest plan for entertaining her at 11 months, I assure you.  Needless to say, it did give us quite a scare, and made me rethink the eagles for a bit.

More to come…..

Hailey @ 11 months playing Pat-A-Cake


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  • 1. Grandma  |  October 13, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    When are you going to update your blog? I am waiting to hear what has happened the last several months!! Luv U Guys – Grandma


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