The Longest Christmas Day

January 11, 2010 at 2:53 pm Leave a comment

On December 29, we made our way back home.  With all the air travel issues that occurred over the holidays, including the underwear fire guy, we were a little unsure of how our trip through O’Hare, much less home would go.  And we had a very early flight, so Hailey got up at 5:30 am, which was quite an adjustment to her schedule.  She sleeps until 8 or 8:30 normally, so she was not real excited by this early morning wake up call.  And the temperature in Chicago was actually down to 10 degrees, with a wind chill factor of 0, so the dash to the car made sure she was wide awake for the trip in.

Mercifully, our travel home went fairly smoothly.  We got in the huge line for security and were escorted over to a short line by security.  The plane we were supposed to be on had some sort of mechanical issue, but our new plane was at the gate and we were in the air within an hour of our originally flight time.  This, for us and our travelling issues, was all quite minor compared to our normal flying fiascos.

So we got back in town around 1 and my family arrived for our family Christmas around 4.  Jeff and Nikki drove in from Dallas, my folks, Todd and Isabelle headed in from Bastrop and we had a good, old fashion family Christmas.  Thanks to my Mom and Nikki we had a fabulous dinner and then enjoyed opening presents together.  We had a great time and Hailey really enjoyed opening presents with her cousin Isabelle, who instructed her on how to be the center of attention during gift giving time.

After gifts, and desserts a plenty, we visited for a bit, and then everyone headed home.  Jeff and Nikki even turned around and drove back to Dallas. 

After a full, full day for Hailey, she crashed.  Even with all the excitement of the day, she proved she is, indeed, the best baby ever as she laughed and played with everyone and everything moving with the chaotic flow of the day.  And obviously she was feeling like herself again after her nasty bout with the croup.  That night, Eric and I crawled in our bed with our new bedding from his parents and crashed as well.  What a great three Christmases we celebrated this year with our daughter!  It truly has been our best Christmas ever!


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