Winter Wonderland Part 2 – A Photo Journal

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Our time in the Winter Wonderland was grand, and we have hundreds and hundreds of pictures…so I thought I would use less words and more pictures for this next installment of Hailey’s 1st Christmas.

The snow in Chicago was just beautiful.  We thought we would give Hailey a real introduction to snow, but she was not so thrilled.  Eric and I did enjoy getting out in it a bit, and Eric really enjoyed getting suited up for helping his dad snow blow the driveway multiple times a day.

Hailey enjoyed playing with the presents around the tree and sitting with the best Santa ever….GranPaPa!!!

On Christmas Eve, Eric prepared his traditional sausage cheese balls for Christmas morning.  He just cannot resist having “all eyes on him” when he whips something up in the kitchen.

We went to the Christmas Eve Service at GranMaMa & GranPaPa’s church and Hailey had a special dress for the occasion.  We spent most of our time in the cry room, but Hailey enjoyed the evening…although she was getting a little fussy.  Uh oh.

And then Christmas morning we woke up to a very sick baby.  We went into her room, heard her breath for about a second and decided we were headed to the Emergency Room.  Thankfully, the ER was just around the corner and Hailey was there only patient at the moment, so we received immediate attention and great care.  Hailey had come down with the croup.  She had a breathing treatment and then they sent us home.

After a long winters nap, Santa arrived in the late afternoon and we finally opened Christmas presents. 

Hailey received tons of super fun toys and books and beautiful clothes.  She got her first chair, an adorable, oversized bunny chair and her first American Girl doll.  She enjoyed the presents, but overall was very cuddly and a bit fussy and still not feeling very well.

So, we had many steam baths…

And mohawks.  Eric just could not help himself.

The last few days of our trip consisted of Eric and I taking trips to the doctor with sinus infections and such fun and lots and lots and lots of laying on the couch, watching movies and napping by all.

We also had a great time with Uncle Chris and Aunt Alli.  Uncle Chris took some fabulous family pictures and once they are ready we will share those as well.


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The Winter Wonderland The Longest Christmas Day

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