The Holiday Recap Begins

January 6, 2010 at 12:40 pm Leave a comment

Well, after several attempts to start to delve into the most joyous of Christmases we have ever celebrated, I am finally getting to it.  And due to the fact that we had 3 family Christmases, Eric had 2 weeks off, we had 1 week in Chicago and 2 plane flights to fill you in on, I will be taking this Holiday Recap a bit at a time…so it may be March before I get it all out there.  Apologies.

We had our first Christmas celebration at our home with just the four of us (including Jango) on Hailey’s 10 month birthday.  We decided to celebrate a few days before we headed to Chicago so we could all play with Hailey’s new toys.  And momma got a new sewing machine she was dying to get her hands on.  So we woke up that morning as if it was Christmas morning.  The kitchen smelled of yummy cinnamon rolls and sausage cheese balls.  The stockings were too full to hang.  And the fireplace was roaring with a beautiful fire. 

And then the gift giving began.  Santa was very good to Hailey and Jango this year, as expected.  Although I do believe Hailey’s favorite part was unwrapping the presents.  This provoked the most response from her.  She would grab two handfuls of gift wrap and flap her arms and legs and let out a good, overjoyed holler.  Which really, isn’t a good, overjoyed holler what we all want to do on Christmas morning?

Daddy and Hailey created quite a few things with her new legos (or lego per her Uncle Chris) and then enjoyed ripping them apart.  And Daddy enjoyed figuring out all the latest ways to put batteries into toys.  We had so much fun we did not even realize Jango was eating all of his Christmas doggie candy. 

Daddy's so proud

After showers and naps, we headed out to a fancy lunch at Red Lobster.  Hailey loves their cheddar biscuits just as much as her Daddy does. 

We spent the rest of the day on the floor with the baby and the doggy.  It was a magical day, in the way that you are overwhelmed all day long by the goodness of the Lord in surrounding you with those you love most, as well as your desire for the day to never end.

Then we finished the day with a short photo session for Hailey’s 10 month birthday.  She’s had so many of these photo sessions that she takes them in stride.  Just look at that sweet girl!


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