The Weekend in Review: It’s all fun and games until someone pukes!

December 14, 2009 at 2:36 pm 2 comments

As I sit in my warm, cozy house, all aglow from the Christmas tree lighting, enjoying my cup of gingerbread tea, and a few dozen, or a few, rather, Mint Hershey Kisses, I cannot help but think of the glory and joy that this time of year brings with all the new candy combos those very wealthy confectioners come up with for my sweet tooth’s delight.  I mean, these Mint Hershey Kisses are wonderful!  Creamy, smooth, with the cool mint rushing over the milk chocolateyness that is a Hershey Kiss.  It is, well, another Christmas joy.  And after watching The Charlie Brown Christmas Special last night, I was going to mention how moved I was by Charlie Brown’s fight against the commercial Christmas, but now see, that indeed, I may need Eric to bring home some modern day item that symbolizes the Charlie Brown Christmas tree to bring me back from the depths of the Christmas frenzy.  And now that I think about it, I remember what I was going to mention about the commercial Christmas.  And I finally have found a proper beginning to this post.

So, on Thursday, Hailey and I ventured out to the mall to meet Hailey’s friend Miss L for lunch and some play time.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed their time hanging on to cars and space ships while other children run wild, and their mommies tried not to cringe at every pass, turn or trample that occurs around them.  This mommy also tried not to cringe at every moment Hailey opened her mouth and planted it on some other part of said cars and airplanes.  But, the girls really did enjoy themselves.  Hailey and Miss L have been friends since a week before their births (they are a week apart, which I how I met Miss L’s mommy).  And this week, they were really talking to each other and Hailey even held Miss L’s hand! 

Well, somehow this Christmas season, I have not actually had to shop at the mall.  So, while we were there, the mommies began discussing the mall Santa and how we need to check out how long the line is since it was a weekday and before school was out.  And then, my friend mentioned the cost…yes, as my father-in-law would rant, it is some sort of mob or mafia (or whoever they are…) outfit!  It costs $23 for your lil’ precious babies to sit in Santa’s lap for a picture!  Yes, she can sit on his lap for free, but really, she’s ten months old (almost), and all I want is the picture.  And no, you cannot just take your own picture.  And yes, I am sure you already knew that the mall Santa was the biggest scam in Christmas town, but this is my first time with this one, so let me vent it out!  So, if any of you know of some great Santa pic opportunity that costs less and is not some sort of other sordid ordeal to put oneself through, please let me know.  I am still considering buying a Santa suit…or maybe paying for the pic and hoping Santa brings me some sort of machine to make the Santa suit for next year….or maybe I can sew one in a month or so and we can pretend it’s still Christmas….hmmm, I will ponder that thought and keep you posted.  But, there it is, my Charlie Brown Christmas Special moment of the year. 

One of the great things about Hailey having a friend whose birthday is a week apart from hers is that the mommies get to compare notes on how things are going, what’s working, what’s not, etc.  Well, Miss L is moving right along in the dining world, trying all sorts of new tastes and textures.  And, well, Hailey, really Hailey’s mom has not really tried anything new in awhile…unless you count the gingerbread cookie Hailey stole a bit of over Thanksgiving, but I don’t think that’s on the recommended list from her pediatrician.  So, I came home from our play date with all sorts of new things for Hailey to try.

And since I am not one to wait to start something, I left Hailey some ground turkey I had made the week before for dinner.  I went on to my CrossFit class and Daddy served the newest item on the menu.  And Hailey did not like it much, and then would not do anything but leave her tongue curled up out of her mouth with ground turkey sitting on it, and then she gagged, and then, well, yes, she puked.  This was Daddy’s first puking experience with Hailey, and he did very well.  I came home, there was no leftover vomit to clean up and both he and Hailey were still smiling. 

So Friday, we tried a few more things, but different things.  And she turned up her nose a bit, did a momentary fake gag kinda noise and then the day went on.  Then Saturday, with all eyes on her, we started breakfast with banana pieces, and went for the first bite of pears and blueberries, and again, she puked.  After verifying that she was not sick, we moved on.  And then came lunch.  And, oh my, be thankful there is no video or picture, because wow, that lil’ body can hold a lot of stuff.  And wow, the force at which it can get things back up!  Let me just leave it with Wow!

From there, we were not sure where to go.  I tried to feed her some cereal while in the bathtub, thinking the worst case scenario would not be so bad if she was in the tub, but Eric quickly ruled this as another moment of insanity in my life.  Eventually we decided the best move would be to feed her her favorite food.  Now I know I am supposed to have this mother’s intuition thing, and I realize the next item I am going to mention will make you question my intuition, but you know, we are figuring it out.  So we handed her some zesty tomato lil’ crunchies…which is basically a spicy cheeto.  And she ate and ate and ate.  Later, we went back to her normal dinner menu, and thus far, we seem to be all clear….but there is still some trepidation about the house come mealtime.

Hailey has also enjoyed her rides around the house on her little car, stealing whatever drink Mommy has in her hands, and waving, although she’s not really waving hi or bye, just waving, which is adorable and something her Mommy completely understands. 

So, another great week/weekend at the Gardiners.  And another life lesson learned: it really is all fun and games until someone pukes or charges $23 to get your picture taken while sitting on their lap.


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The Weekend in Review: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas! The Holiday Recap Begins

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  • 1. Amanda  |  December 14, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    Holy Toledo…I had no idea it cost that much to sit on some crappy Santa’s lap nowadays…yikes!! Ridiculous…

    Bummer about all the puke. I do not look forward to moments like that. 🙂

    • 2. ergardiner  |  December 14, 2009 at 7:46 pm

      I know…its nuts right! But my blog fans saved me…or really my one fan. Apparently there is a neighborhood Santa. I can send you the details next year when you are enjoying your lil’ cherubs first Christmas! It’s so fun! Even the pukey!


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