And another 2 Weeks in Review: Yay Family & Thanksgiving!

November 30, 2009 at 11:37 pm Leave a comment

Well, another two weeks passed on by and I am just now sitting down to blog (and at my hubby’s request no less!).  The Gardiners have been quite busy as of late, but we have enjoyed our busyness.

First, let me report on Hailey…she is a movin’.  She has moved from just crawling to race crawling.  Now that she has discovered all the joys of the new things she can get into, she has picked up her pace and is trying to out run…or crawl…her Mommy & Daddy.  Hailey is also working on her walking and is cruising along everything she can pull up on.  She has fully mastered the art of the throw and is enjoying playing games throwing anything she can, at anytime, in any place…including Nordstroms Rack.  She has also decided it is time to kick up her talking a notch.  She is full on into babbling and has raised her volume a notch too. 

The week before the week of Thanksgiving Eric’s parents came into town to enjoy their grandbaby and help us celebrate her 9 month birthday.  Yes, we even threw a little birthday party since GranMaMa & GranPaPa have missed all of our other birthday celebrations for Hailey.  We had a great time with them and really appreciated having them here to help with Hailey and to help put up our Christmas tree.  Indeed, we did decorate the tree and put up the lights on the house the week before the week of Thanksgiving.  I am sure the neighbors laughed, but Eric could not resist the chance to have help pulling the boxes (and by boxes, I mean many, many boxes) from the attic and assistance getting on the roof.  We also shared kitchen duties and enjoyed great food every night.  I was even introduced to a Gardiner family favorite I had not had before, Nancy’s Thursday Dinner.  It was super yummy and great to get some time out of the kitchen.  We were sad to send them home, but look forward to heading their way soon.

So, we took GranMaMa & GranPaPa to the airport, came home and did laundry, slept, packed up and then headed out to my parent’s house at The Ridge.  We enjoyed four days with my family, Hailey enjoyed all the activity and some of the extra love her cousin Isabelle bestowed upon her…although after awhile, she was ready for a little less Isabelle lovin’.  But we had a great time kickin’ back in the woods.  One of our favorite activities is the family hike.  And when I say “our”, I do mean Eric.  He always petitions the crowd to get excited about a family hike.  He advertises it over and over throughout the day, and then eventually, we give in and go for it.  All the while, Eric chants “family hike, family hike”.  I will admit, we always enjoy a good hike around The Ridge, although one of the hikes included more stickers in my pants and shoes than you could possibly imagine, or want to imagine.  While on one of these hikes we got to admire the most amazing moment in creation I have ever witnessed, I do believe, a marching of ants up and down a tree and then back about twenty feet into their home.  It was a fabulous site to experience, check it out.

We ventured on home on Thanksgiving Day after tons of fabulous food throughout our time there.  My parents and Isabelle joined us so that my mom and I could do some Black Friday shopping.  We had not been in years, and got up early, but not that early, and headed out to face the shoppers.  We enjoyed ourselves and did not witness any crazy mob shopper like activity.  After some football and more shopping, my folks and Isabelle headed home and we enjoyed the remaining time at home as a family.

Hailey’s 1st Thanksgiving was great.  She enjoyed a meal of carrots, green beans, rice cereal and all the apple puffs she could horde from the can.  She also enjoyed some gingerbread cookies (or bites). 

We are so overwhelmed with all we have to be thankful for.  Our God has blessed us in abundance.  I hope you all got to enjoy moments of His abundance as well.


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