The Weekend in Review: Hailey’s 1st Halloween

November 3, 2009 at 2:50 pm Leave a comment

We had a fabulous Halloween!  Friday evening we hosted our somewhat annual Pumpkin Carving Party.  There was much preparation for the festivities, so Grandma, Papa and Isabelle helped with Hailey.  Isabelle just loves reading to Hailey, she wants to make sure Hailey grows up to be a little reader.

hailey isabelle reading 103009

The party was a lot of fun and we had all sorts of new and old friends, co-workers, and neighbors join us.  There was lots of gourmet, Paleo food, meaning chili dogs, and lots of yummy treats, meaning lots of yummy treats.  There was also kiddos and pumpkins a plenty.  Hailey had a great time watching the action and playing with her friends.  Our pictures from the party are not uploaded yet, but here are a few our friends took.  I will post ours later.

pumpkin 09

isabelle pumpkin 09

chee heng pumpkin 09

We really had a great time and hated for the evening to end, but all good things must end, or else there will be no sleeping for 8 month olds, which leads to bad times!  Saturday I enjoyed (my new word for pain) a CrossFit work out.  We all had to dress up for the work out or pay the penalty of extra burpees, so the Lord sovereignly tossed my Poison concert t-shirt from 1989 onto my head to provide for my last minute costume needs.  Eric also donned his standard costume, his Cobra Kai Karate Kid t-shirt and tatoo sleeve.  This picture caught Hailey mid-movement, but is priceless of Eric and his tats.

eric cobra kai 103109

Too fun!  We enjoyed a neighborhood bouncy, inflatable castle and hot dogs, and then headed home to pass out candy.  Hailey enjoyed checking out all the costumes this year.  We also pulled out the best of all toys, boxes and cardboard bricks.  My cousin passed these on to us years ago, and it was the perfect time to pull them out and let Hailey explore.   She also enjoyed some choo-choo train rides in the box with Daddy as the train conductor.

hailey box 103109

We wrapped up the weekend with a great Sunday.  After church and naps, we had our good friends Kyle & Kristen over to see their pictures from a recent trip to Italy.  And I fed them gourmet food, meaning chili dogs again, and yummy treats, meaning…well, leftover Halloween candy.  Eric and I devoured the remaining party treats…and then Halloween candy.  Yikes, got to get the sugar out of the house!


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