The Weekend in Review: The Dangers of the World

October 27, 2009 at 12:02 pm 1 comment

Well, another wonderful weekend has come to a close at the Gardiner house.  Things here are changing quickly…but “danger” seems to sum up somethings from this weekend.  As Hailey is getting bigger, she is getting more mobile.  She is still working on crawling, but she is scouting all over the place…and fast!  She has begun to open cabinets, pull things off shelves, and stick her fingers and mouth in and on everything she can reach.  She is also pulling up and cruising around a bit.  Scary!  So this weekend included some new safety measures.

hailey standing 102409

We lowered her crib, bought (not quite installed yet) hooks for cabinet drawers, redecorated and reorganized bookshelves and did a good look over what all is now within reach. 

daddy crib 102409

Daddy working

hailey jango 102409









Daddy also made sure we all got home safe from our Saturday errands while the sun was blinding all drivers on the road.  Yes, those are my sunglasses.  And yes, they do have rhinestones.  And yes, this is for the comment Daddy made about those sunglasses being the ones that someday we would laugh at like we laugh at our parents sunglasses from the 70’s.  I just had to share this moment.

eric sunglasses 102409


On a bit of a more serious note, we also had to reorganize our picture website and make Hailey’s pictures private.  She’s such a cutie that we have had some unwanted interest in her pictures, I am sure for purposes that are not malicious, but still unwanted.  I could write an entire thesis on how disillusioning it is to live in such a world where you have to worry about such heinous things, but I will refrain for I know that this is what we are to expect from this world.  For the sake of being wise and our desire for some woman in Brazil to not use Hailey’s picture on her Brazilian My Space page or for her avatar, we have decided to make her pictures for friends and family only.  I am sure my hubby is correct, that people who ask permission to use your pictures are not who you need to be afraid of, but just opening that conversation led us to do due diligence to protect and not give anyone an opportunity to do wrong.  And as much as I hate that there has to be this extra step to share some moments with you of our little one, it is what must be done.  If you would like access, leave a comment and I will email you the private link.

Hope you all have a great week!


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  • 1. Cheryl  |  October 27, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    YES!! I want to be able to see Hailey’s pictures! You may have noticed that I personally do not post pictures of my grandchildren nor call them by name on FB. A lady that used her children a models in her knitting books found their pictures of a porn site!! I knew right then I did not want to be the one that posted names or pictures.

    Love following your weekends!! Our Hailey is scooting all over, too. She does the inchworm crawl . . up on all floors and then lunging forward. Today she pulled up on her little toybox but it is a collapsible one and she tipped over. Fortunately on carpet!

    Love you, Cheryl


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