Firsts & Worst Mom of the Year

October 20, 2009 at 1:24 pm 1 comment

Today Hailey has had many firsts in the matter of less than a 100 minutes, so I wanted to share. 

First, as we were going about our normal morning routine, she plays, I sit in the chair and pump, she decided to roll onto her tummy, push up on her hands and knees and crawl!  Backwards!  But she did crawl!  And got to her pop onz table rather than Mommy’s foot!  Yay!  After much celebrating and much tinkering with my iPhone camera, here is the best shot I got…

hailey crawling 102009

She was kind of like, “yeah, this is what I do…”, nonchalant and all, but I know deep inside she is very excited about her new found mobility.  I am sure there will be less celebrating on my part as she further explores the extent of her freedom.

Then, Mommy thought we would go ahead and dive into another first…Cheerios!  I have been reading that it is time to give them a whirl.  So yesterday I bought the box at the store, after carefully choosing which box because they have children’s books in them (no more toys I guess…how sad, our kids will not know the joy of dumping a whole box of cereal out for a special toy that is guaranteed to break in an hour) and a hole in the box to show you which book is enclosed.  So I put five little Cheerios on her tray.  And she scooped them up with her pincer grip (just like the books say) and began to navigate them to her mouth.  Eventually, she got one in, chewed a bit, and then went for the next.  Mommy thought, she’d give her a few more so that she could finish her breakfast.  Hailey scooped one in, and then gagged on it.  And gagged, and gagged.  And finally spit it up, and then spit it up more, and then Mommy pulled her out of the chair, and then she vomited all over Mommy’s front, then back and hair, then the kitchen floor and counter.  Indeed, she covered a three foot radius around Mommy and including Mommy with vomit.  And she did not even cry.

So then, Hailey had her first bath with Mommy in the big bath tub.  She enjoyed running her hands throw the water coming out of the faucet and playing with her squirty toys. 

All in all, she seemed to have a great time.  I think Mommy is the only one who was a little traumatized.


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  • 1. Brenda  |  October 20, 2009 at 1:51 pm


    I’m so sorry, but I’m laughing at the visual!! Not sure anyone besides another Mom can understand how a few little Cheerios could produce THAT much vomit!! Thanks for sharing “real life” (as we call it in our home) with us! My little Hailey really wants to crawl. We are hoping she’ll do it this week!



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