The Weekend in Review: Our Lil’ Pumpkin

October 19, 2009 at 5:19 pm Leave a comment


Glory!  After 9 long months of pregnancy and the past 8 months of carrying, rocking, nursing and every other kind of strain our lil’ pumpkin can inflict on my upper torso, I had the world’s most needed and longest waited for massage.  And wow, what a massage it was!  I had a deep tissue massage…which yes, indeed, does make you sore for several days.  At one point, I thought my shoulder blade was being stretched out from my body like some sort of plastic man superhero kind of thing, but it was that good, in that, wow that really hurts, good kind of way.  This was supposed to be a break for me, some time away alone.  But again, it was just one of those times that I am so ready to get home to be with the baby, whom I miss so very much that I scurry out of the parking lot and back into the driveway just aching to hold her, even if I’d only been gone for an hour and a half, and  even if my upper torso was just starting to feel unknotted for the first time since said time without a massage but with the strain of the weight of my lil’ pumpkin…yeah, it is indeed the exhausting, overwhelming, never-ending love for my child.  Wow, what an amazing thing it is!

As quickly as Hailey is growing, I find myself more and more reminiscent about the days that have gone by in the last eight months.  It is already hard to remember just how tiny she was when she was first put in my arms. 

I have really noticed how much she loves us too.  Whether it is the full mouth, very wet kisses she gives me, with no shame I might add or the moment she notices Daddy in the room and starts to flail about in excitement.  What an amazing love that is too!

Obviously we also visited a pumpkin patch this weekend.  We had quite a time of it and Hailey is a natural in front of the camera!  She gets this from her father obviously, since I apparently cannot smile correctly for the perfect picture his photographic genius has pieced together in his mind, but she is always right on cue.  For more pictures from the pumpkin patch, click on the Flickr link to the right.  Full open mouth kiss to you all!







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