The Weekend in Review: Hibernation

October 12, 2009 at 7:43 pm Leave a comment

This weekend we enjoyed some cool weather hibernation.  Hailey woke up on Saturday morning with a low grade fever…her first fever ever, so we spent the weekend in.  Due to the swine flu media frenzy, we spent a few hours on Saturday a little frantic about how fussy she was, or was not, checking and rechecking and rechecking her temperature with multiple thermometers, and surfing every medical, pediatric and CDC websites out there.

So Hailey spent the weekend in her jammies, and we all spent time on the pallet on the floor playing.  We also worked on our own crafting projects in the midst of some napping and some “cheating” on our Paleo diet.  Indeed, it was a great family weekend…one of those weekends that you ponder in your heart during the nine months of pregnancy…of course, this pondering may have been motivated by a need to remember that some day you will be able to get yourself on the floor again, but either way, it was a great weekend…worthy of taking a mental picture.  Oh yeah, congrats to Jim & Pam!

hailey jammies 101009


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