The Weekend in Review: The Truth

October 5, 2009 at 7:42 pm 1 comment

So, I have been wondering when this post would come.  And here we are over three months of blogging later, and it has arrived.  The truth is, we are pretty boring.  We are the typical married couple with one child that is content to sit around and watch our little one play while we eat frozen pizza.  It was cheat day, of course.  So, there it is.  I am sure you have already figured this out, but this weekend typified that kind of weekend and our contentedness with it.

We started out the weekend right with a pumpkin spice latte on cheat day.

hailey starbucks 100309

Of course, I got this latte on the way home from my Saturday morning work out.  And as I walked into my neighborhood Starbucks, I looked over, and there indeed, was one of my trainers.  I had totally thought about running into one of my trainers while I stopped in for my favorite fall indulgence, and there she was.  Thankfully, it was cheat day.  And thankfully, she did not stay and hear that I ordered the pumpkin spice, in all of its 150 million mgs. of sugar.

After my morning work out, latte, and second grocery store run looking for coconut flour, we headed out to one of our most frequented weekend stops, Target.  Here are my sweeties in action.

hailey target 100309

Hailey had two firsts over the weekend.  First, a bath in the big tub…while still in the little pink tub.  Not necessarily a huge first, but I had to share the picture.

hailey big bath 100309

And second, Hailey had her first time in the nursery at church.  Despite the rampant fears of the swine flu and directions from the doctor to hold out for a year, we trusted God and let her try it out.  I was aware of how this felt like one of the first times we have had to let her go…of course, we have a lifetime of letting her go, but wow, it’s going to be tough.  I sat less than twenty feet away and almost leaped over toys and babies to keep her from putting another baby’s pacifier in her mouth.  Of course, she had also taken said pacifier out of that baby’s mouth, but that lesson comes later.  She did great, played with lots of toys and was quite social.  Mommy wanted to sit and cry, but decided to hold one of the crying babies in the nursery instead.  So, it was a big day for Hailey, and maybe even bigger day for Mommy and Daddy.

hailey nursery 100409


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  • 1. Todd  |  October 6, 2009 at 11:36 am

    Sounds like a great weekend.


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