Paleo – Day 8

October 5, 2009 at 3:55 pm Leave a comment

Yes, yes, we have skipped a few days…I have been in a bit of a funk about what to do with the whole Paleo thing long term, which has led to a short term retreat from the blog and disillusionment about cavemen…you see, it all started with a hunt for something different for breakfast.  We have eaten egg casserole for days and days and days, and for all of those days, I have had a mid-morning nausea spell.  Not sure if it is a lack of sugar or what, but I went about looking for some ideas on Paleo muffins to add to a protein for breakfast.  So, I found a few recipes, got way excited…baking and Paleo, who knew?  And ran to the store.  But that has led to an endless hunt for coconut flour.  And I had to find coconut flour, for almond flour is way too pricey to consume at the rate we have been using it.  And coconut flour can be ordered online, but I wanted to try one little bag before committing, for fear I hate the stuff.  Meanwhile, the old noggin is not what it used to be, and I had completely gotten confused on what I need for which muffin and then in a complete day of self-doubt due to my lack of smarts decided that I really had to see if this Paleo thing could live out in our real lives in the real world.  Anyways, alas, I have a vague idea of what our long term goals are, and have now found coconut flour (Whole Foods), and now can continue armed with a few great recipes for muffins that I am super, duper excited about.

So, yesterday I made pumpkin muffins and they are super, duper delicious.  I do believe I can convince Hailey that they are the greatest ever, once she is old enough to eat them, rather than the sugar/high fructose corn syrup filled kind.  I even baked a pumpkin myself to make the muffins.  Yes, I am quite proud.  After the whole “I’ve lost my smarts” moments, I need a little boost.

And tonight we will be having chili.  I am using the Wick Fowler’s 2 Alarm Chili Kit sans salt and masa and with peppers, zucchini and leeks (yes, still have a leftover leek from last week’s soup).  I am pretty excited because chili is one of Eric’s all time favorites.  So, there’s the update.


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