The Weekend in Review: Victory!

September 29, 2009 at 1:02 pm 2 comments

Yes, I believe this weekend we had a HUGE victory in the Gardiner house…literally. We have been battling this issue for the last 5 months and we have fought mightily, if I do say so myself. Eric and I disagree about how to go at the attack, and ultimately, both of us were wrong in our initial strategies. And then, the Lord enlightened me and pointed the way directly to the oven and reminded me, that indeed, we have never cleaned back there since we moved into our house (yikes, 4 years ago, I hate to admit it) and that indeed that is where we were being infiltrated from. So on Saturday, we pulled out the oven, and caulked along the cabinets and finally seem to have destroyed the enemy…ants. Or as GranPaPa says, piss ants. Those little guys have about driven us crazy. We have argued about the use of toxic chemicals to destroy them (guess where I weigh in on this issue) or grape jelly and borax. We have cleaned everything in sight and kept all excess ant goodies away, and still they were there. Well, since Saturday, I have only seen 5 or 6 ants that seem to be lost and unless they decide to live out the “no ant left behind” motto, I think we are rid of them. Hopefully forever or for a long while, but really, just a week would improve my sanity.

Saturday morning we got going bright and early and cheered on our friend Bri at the Fight Gone Bad fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project and Prostrate Cancer. We had a great time watching Bri and others kick some serious butt in a tough workout and raise some money for these two great causes. It was really inspiring to see everyone going after the workout with such intensity!

Saturday afternoon we headed out for the eighteen billionth shopping trip for Eric a new pair of shoes (I may be exaggerating….but it really seems like I am right on that count). Finally, mercifully, Eric concluded what I have known all along, to find the shoe he wants in the color and size he wants he is going to have to order them online. So, thankfully, we came home and he ordered them. My heart is singing the Hallelujah chorus joyfully that this day has finally come. It has gotten to the point that I recognize and even know the names of the salesmen at about four of the shoe stores at the mall because this hunt has dragged on and on and on about eighteen billion times over. I will post a picture of said shoes once they have arrived. I am a little hesitant to speak of them in cause some sort of calamity befalls them just to really push me and see how for my state of mind and sweet spirit can endure, but I am hopeful and will keep you updated. Hopefully this does not turn into a full on shoe saga, but worse things could happen I suppose.

By Saturday evening, I was done. My poor body has endured on heck of a sinus infection the last week and by Saturday evening, the infection was winning. So we spent the rest of the weekend at home with me in bed or on the couch. Hailey and Jango had some great time to further the ties of brotherly/sisterly love and Hailey at least is excited about their lifelong siblinghood. Jango seems apprehensive at best.

hailey jango 092709

Somewhere on Friday afternoon I did manage to get something accomplished for the week and sorted through Hailey’s clothes. She helped by modeling her new jammies and one of her favorite hats. Isn’t she a doll?

hailey hat 092509


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  • 1. GranMaMa  |  September 29, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    I just can’t understand how she keeps getting cuter!

  • 2. ergardiner  |  September 29, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    Doesn’t she though? Watch out boys!


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