Paleo – Day 1 Again…

September 28, 2009 at 8:00 pm Leave a comment

So we started it again! A week later, and I am pretty much feeling better. And I had a game plan for the rest of the 40 days, so we are going for it again. My game plan includes trying new recipes, especially veggie recipes. We also have included diary for me to help keep my caloric intact up since I am still nursing. Here’s how day 1 went this time around…

Breakfast – egg casserole (broccoli & peppers)
Snack – yogurt
Lunch – turkey, cheese, strawberries, almond butter
Snack – trail mix & milk
Dinner – Cuban pork chops & Mimosa Soup (with hard boiled eggs & parsley)
Snack – smoothie

Dinner was super yummy and both recipes were new for us. The Mimosa Soup was an all veggie soup including lettuce, celery, turnips, leeks, carrots.


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