In Memory of Mr. X

September 25, 2009 at 4:31 pm Leave a comment

Today some friends of ours lost their eight month old son.  My heart hurts for them, really all of me hurts for them.  Eric and I have prayed fervently for each and every day of Mr. X’s life and we are thankful for the time he was here with his family, joyful at the precious moments and memories their family has had, and grieved by the great loss that not having Mr. X in this world any longer leaves.

Mr. X was born seven weeks early with osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease).  His prognosis did not look good, but his parents got him into a special study that tried some experimental medications.  Mr. X did very well with the medications and was even allowed to go home two weeks ago.  He and his family had a great few weeks at home prior to his final trip to the hospital.  Mr. X’s parents have been grateful for every moment they have had their little guy.  And they have made Eric and I so grateful for every day we have with our little girl and get to be her parents. 

Mr. X and his parents, Mr. & Mrs. H, have made a lasting impression on our family, marriage and life.  Mrs. H was a high school friend of Eric.  Eric’s Mom, being the fabulous person that she is, has kept in touch with Mrs. H over the years.  While they were in high school, Mrs. H lost her mother and in the last few years, Mrs. H has lost her father as well.  When we found out the H family was going to have Mr. X, we were already well on our way to our final days before Hailey’s arrival. 

I have never met the H family, but somehow over the last few months, I have become friends with Mrs. H.  We have shared our first Easters and then our first Mother’s Day.   I constantly thought of her and her little one as I have watched Hailey grow.  On days when things are not the golden picture of life and motherhood, the thought of Mrs. H and Mr. X have made me so gratefully for whatever misery I think is happening in my midst.  I have held little Hailey, and prayed for days and moments that Mrs. H could hold her little Mr. X.  How precious life is!  I am forever grateful for knowing Mr. X and grateful that there are many sweet, sweet memories of his life here and celebrate the treasure he is to his Creator.  So, in the midst of our tears, we are celebrating the H family and praying for their peace, comfort and pain.  Thank you to all of you who prayed on their behalf as well.  I am grateful for each of you.


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