The Weekend in Review: Structure, What Structure?

September 22, 2009 at 5:10 pm 1 comment

On Friday, Hailey and I finally bought our little plantlings for our fall container garden.  Isabelle came over to help me plant and then the sun and the rain cooperated to get those little babies going.  And now, five days into it, everything is going well.  We are hoping for a least a few fresh veggies and herbs later this fall.

isabelle garden

Isabelle loves her cousin Hailey and cannot wait to get her up from her naps.  Isabelle is also trying a new “smile” and it’s a little funny.

isabelle hailey 091809

On Saturday morning, Hailey enjoyed play time with her girlfriends while Mommy struggled through a CrossFit WOD and Daddy hung with the little girls.  Hailey went down for her nap almost two hours late, and then took her afternoon nap extra early so that she would be bright and shiny for her first wedding.  Our friend, Amy, got married on Saturday afternoon.  Amy was a beautiful bride and it was a beautiful wedding.  Hailey enjoyed the wedding and the reception, especially the dancing.  She also enjoyed meeting two little friends who are all born within three weeks of each other.  They were both little boys, and at this point, Hailey is still trying to decide which one made the better impression.  Mommy is seeing potential arranged marriages, and Daddy refuses to even think of Hailey ever getting married.

hailey wedding 091909

We also celebrated Hailey’s 7 month birthday on Saturday and took pictures.  Daddy and I noted the difference between 6 month pics where she was finally sitting up completely on her own and now 7 month pics where she is trying to crawl off the couch.  We had a tough time getting some smiley shots before she tried to crawl away.  Amazing how fast she is growing!


Two short naps at odd hours and several late night awakenings due to teething, and all structure was out the door.  We had a good day, but a long night and decided to stay home on Sunday to give Hailey a more normal day.  And then I ended up coming down sick and taking a two hour nap, so all ideas of normalcy or structure where out the window.

So we spent a lazy rest of the day around the house on Sunday.  Jango and Daddy had a father son talk and Hailey got a new do.  What a great time we had with no schedule!

jango daddy talk 092009


hailey mohawk 092009


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  • 1. Bri Land  |  September 22, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    You guys are so fun to watch! I love following along! I hope you feel better soon!


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