The Weekend in Review: Fredericksburg in the Rain

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This weekend the Gardiner clan spent the weekend in the Texas Hill Country.  We headed out Friday after lunch for Fredericksburg.  We booked this mini vacation in June when we had nothing much going on other than our trip to Chicago in July.  By the time this weekend rolled around, we had spent 5 out of the last 10 weekends either away or with company staying with us, so we left Friday a little weary to just have some time at home and with both of us unsure if we were really going to get the most out of our time away.  Thankfully, four days and three nights later, we both agree it was worth it.

Sometime mid-week last week this wet stuff came falling from the sky.  Yes, just like snow in Texas, rain in our area of Texas has been almost unheard of for over 18 months.  So, when the rain started coming down, there was dancing in the streets.  And it has not stopped raining since.  So, as we drove out on Friday, we enjoyed the pitter patter of the rain and the gorgeous views of the Texas Hill Country.  We arrived at our cottage just in time for Hailey’s nap time.  Our quaint little cottage was the perfect size for the three of us.  There were two bedrooms, one bath, a kitchen and a living room.  There was plenty of space for the one thousand baby gadgets necessary for babies these days, less they feel neglected, and still some space for hubby and I to enjoy.  The location of the cottage was one block off of Main Street, the prime location for shopping, eating, and touring museums and galleries.  The only problem was it was right on the corner of a major street in downtown Fredericksburg….and you would not believe the amount of traffic!  Plus, you never really notice how many diesel powered trucks are in one town until two in the morning when you still hear one after another after another after another drive on by.  Eric and I agreed that the largest population of diesel powered trucks per capita is Fredericksburg.  Additionally, I am not sure what the city ordinances and restrictions are in other towns, but in Fredericksburg, apparently you are allowed to own chickens and roosters and to let them run through your yard and the rest of the neighborhood.  By the way, they were very friendly roosters that lived right across the street from our cottage and whom decided to call on us around 5:30 Saturday morning. 


Plus, extra soft pillows, does anyone know how to sleep on these?  You know, the kind that you lay your weary head down on and your head drops straight onto the mattress, but you have pillow all around your cheeks.  Every pillow in the cottage, and there were quite a few, was extra soft save one lovely pillow I found in Hailey’s room after the first night.  That one lovely pillow became my saving grace.   This added mandatory nap time to all of our daily schedules.  What a perfect addition to every vacation…or really any day!

Our breakfast was delivered each morning and after Hailey’s morning breakfast and nap, we would head out for a few hours.  Saturday we spent shopping.  There was extra entertainment this weekend for Fredericksburg shoppers too.  Fredericksburg hosted a Shopping Invitational Tournament to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Clubs.  I am not really sure what a shopping invitational tournament is, nor how one gets invited to be a part, nor how one wins, but I do know that most of the women dressed in some sort of costume, there was plenty of complimentary sparkling beverages for said shoppers, and that you must be quite boisterous and love babies to be a part of this fundraiser.  Hailey received plenty of admiration from all these shoppers and hubby and I enjoyed the costumes, conversations, and drama with these shoppers all over town.

We also enjoyed lots of great non-Paleo food.  Most worthy of noting was all the delectable treats from Rather Sweet Bakery which was just a block from our cottage.  On Sunday we journeyed further down Main than we had ever been before and visited the Nimitz Museum.  We all enjoyed the Nimitz Museum a great deal, as we always enjoy a good museum tour.  The George H. W. Bush Library will be opening on December 7 and we plan to get back out to see it as well as the outdoor area of the Nimitz that we had to forego due to the rain. 

nimitz museum 091309

The rain stayed with us and usually provided daily opportunities for a short jog, but was wonderfully refreshing and brought cooler temperatures.  Hailey officially took on her first duty in the family, other than being simply adorable, she became the umbrella holder.  She loves this new chore and will not let anyone take it from her. 

hailey daddy umbrella 091309


hailey umbrella 091309

Hailey actually wore jeans, pants, socks and shoes and she noticed!  This was new to her being that the Texas summer left almost no opportunity for such wardrobe items.

hailey daddy kiss 091309

Hailey enjoyed the mini vacation because she got so much good Daddy time.  She is really getting after her toys these days and seems to be playing with them.  We discovered that all the dancing we thought she was doing is actually her scooting on her booty to get places.  The cottage had hard wood floors that were great for scooting, so she scooted across the floor and tried to pull up on her car seat, but her car seat won the battle and come toppling over on her.  Thankfully, Mommy saved the day and there were no tears. 

hailey playing 091209

Lastly, with a bit of a flair for the dramatic, Hailey has decided that drinks are now best drunk with her head fully flung back. 

hailey drinking 091309

hailey drinking front 091309





As the vacation away has concluded, we all agreed it was a great family vacation and the perfect start to the fall.  Well, that about wraps up another wonderful weekend for the Gardiners’.  We are so glad to be home and tomorrow starts the Paleo experiment….boy, do we need it! 

hailey mommy kiss 091409


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