Paleo Experiment – T minus 5 days and counting…

September 10, 2009 at 2:25 pm Leave a comment

Well, I am a true believer in the old Boys Scout motto of always being prepared, so the last week I have been working on cleaning out the pantry and refrigerator for our Paleo experiment.  This will ensure that we are on an adequate sugar and carb high prior to the start of the experiment on Tuesday, September 15.  I am writing the date out clearly so that if Eric or I should pass on in some sordid kind of manner you may all have your suspicions about the surviving one, for a plummet into the depths of sugar and carb withdrawal may bring out the absolute worst in us both.  And for the record, I am not sure that the guilty surviving party will not have just been defending themselves.  Anyway, I thought you would all love to hear about the glories of preparing for Paleo.

I have now spent several days in my cookbooks in the spirit of Julie & Julia hunting down recipes for whole chickens and leeks and such.  This week I find myself a little more excited rather than overwhelmed.  I have enjoyed putting together a list of recipes to try, and I am hoping to get those put on a six week menu so that I feel fully armed against “food routine boredom” and “lack of planning so I’ll just throw something together”. 

The additional benefit that said preparations has resulted in is an astoundingly clean pantry and refrigerator.  I am force feeding us somethings, tossing a few others, and just falling over looking at the expiration dates of the remaining items.  Truly, I do not do this often enough.  I also work better with clear surfaces when I work on projects, so the clean pantry and refrigerator are good for me. 

One big comment to note, I wanted to clearly communicate that I am in no way trying to put everyone on the Paleo experiment.  My hubby and I are excited to see what we learn about ourselves and our health through this experiment, and in said excitement, we might get very bold and enthusiastic.  But please let me assure, I will not be telling you that you must take on this Paleo thing for yourself.  I intend to document the experiment for our sake, and if any of you decide you are interested, you are free to hear us saying that you should go for it.  But I don’t want to come across as judgmental or pushy with the whole thing…and somewhere in a world that I have yet to experience, but can only imagine, sans sugar or carbs, I am afraid I may sound more preachy than I intend or more insensitive than I want to be.  My goal is to daily blog our journey into this Paleo thing, so if you are interested in what one eats or how one feels without grains, dairy, or sugar, you can check in regularly.  So there is my disclaimer. 

Meanwhile, for everyone who reads this blog just because you want to hear about and see more pictures of Hailey, here she is, rolling all over her crib in the night.  She is a doll!  And no, no teethies yet.

hailey sleeping 091009


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