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As the end of summer nears, I am happy to report that the Gardiners’ have accomplished a thing or two!  Actually two.  Eric has been saving for a rower since Hailey was born…that’s over 6 months now!  He deprived himself of lattes and new handbags…oh, wait that would have been me.  HE deprived himself of new stuff, and lunches with friends, and whatever other random toys men want, and saved up his money.  And finally, including the $78 in change that he has been collecting over the last two years, he had saved enough to buy the rower.  So, last week, the new rower arrived!  He put it together, and has not used it since.  However, this week we are getting back in the swing of things, and the rower will find its permenant place in his life and heart and the garage.  He is very proud of himself and so am I!

$78 big ones~

$78 big ones~









1,004 pages

1,004 pages

I accomplished something too!  I read Anna Karenina.  It took me the entire summer, but I read every word of the 1,004 pages of the book.  And I did absolutely enjoyed it, for the most part.  I think I understood most of it, and other than a few portions regarding the Russian laborer and philosophies of agriculture, I did find the book quite interesting and I am feeling as if it is possible to accomplish a large task now that we have a little one.   Now, to decide what is next!

And, as if I could post without mentioning the latest on our lil’ pumpkin, Hailey spent the summer learning how to mobilize herself.  She is not crawling yet, but she now sits on her own, jumps up and down in her exersaucer, and this weekend moved into the front of the stroller!  A change she is absolutely thrilled with since she likes to be able to see everything around her all the time.  She is also squawking with the best of the birds and learning some dance moves!


hailey stroller 082909hailey stroller side 082909


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