The Weekend in Review: Share the Pain

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Again, my apologies up front, but I can tell this edition of “The Weekend in Review” will be in the style of, my head is killing me, I am a bit hormonal, and I am still feeling lots of pain from my Share the Pain experience on Saturday.

rainbow 081309

First, I took this picture of a rainbow in our backyard sometime Wednesday or Thursday evening, and I just wanted to share it!

aftermath 081709

Second, this is what my living room currently looks like.  So I am going to start here.  We have a long history in our family (the whole six years of history that we have) of enjoying what we call “pallet time”.  This is where you construct a pallet in the middle of the living room floor and park it there for awhile with family or friends or the dog or whomever.  This weekend, we enjoyed much pallet time.  Hailey is now at such a fun age!  She loves playing with her toys and will sit and grab, pull, suck and toss two little stuffed blocks for quite awhile.  Hubby and I had a great weekend on our pallet with our baby playing.  Such grand fun!

But now I am struggling to make myself clean it up.  We had such fun on it, and have continued to for the last several days, however, it just seems like I am supposed to want it picked up.  I mean it is a huge pile of stuff that we keep stepping and tripping over.  But I don’t.  So we will see what happens.  We do have people coming over on Wednesday evening and Eric’s parents in for the weekend, so I will clean it up eventually…and who has a pallet full of toys and pillows in their living room forever, right?  It will lose its charm if it is always out, true?

hailey 081409

We also enjoyed our first trip, as parents, to Toys R Us.  Hailey turns six months old on Wednesday, and we are having a celebration!  It won’t be a major shindig, we are saving that for the one year birthday, but we will be having a party for a few of our friends and family.  So, we had to venture out to Toys R Us to get our ever growing baby some more age appropriate play things.  I have to say, I was quite excited.  And Eric commented as well when we drove into the parking lot, about his fond memories of trips to Toys R Us.  And at first, it was kind of fun.  And then, it became one of those things that in your memory is so awesome, and then in adulthood, it loses all its sparkle.  We did have a grand time.  And we got a few things for Hailey in the old school style, but overall, Toys R Us fell to the “when I was a kid, it was so much better” place in our minds.

Of course, this may have occurred because Saturday morning I subjected myself to yet another excruciating CrossFit work out at CrossFit Cedar Park.  And between the heat and my aching body, I may have been confused or even delirious while out and about in Toys R Us.  For this workout, Eric sat with Hailey, while I joined in.  The event was called “Share the Pain” and it was, well, painful.  I was put on a team.  Never a way to start a work out, I must say.  Immediately, I felt this sense of…what if I let my team down…and then they explained the work out…and I knew I was not going to be the strongest force on the team, but rather the weak link.  And I kind of wanted to hide in the bathroom like I did in elementary school P.E. class when we were put on teams.  And then, it started, I sweat, bled, and wanted to cry.  And then, it was over and I was so proud of myself for completing the work out.  And then, my sweet hubby told me my running style was terrible.  And it was obvious from how he was speaking that it was not simply terrible, but shamefully, horribly terrible.  So, a word of advice from my wealth of fitness knowledge, never let your hubby see you working out.

On Sunday, I went and saw Julie & Julia with a girlfriend and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I came home inspired by the spirit of the movie and the fabulous food, and then proceeded to make my hubby take us out for burgers & shakes at Sonic.  I know…who knew this movie would inspire such great culinary benefits for us, right?

hailey eric 081609

So as I finish out, I just want to share, that yes, tonight I am working hard at a dinner that is a little more inspired and yes, I believe I have indeed bruised my tailbone.


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