Fakin’ It

August 13, 2009 at 7:58 pm Leave a comment

The last few days, due to the dreaded heat, have reminded me of my Texas childhood.  In the dog gone days of August, when the heat is no longer worthy of comment, it just is what it is, so you stay indoors and make fun happen.  My niece, Isabelle, has been spending the last few afternoons with Hailey and I and we have been making fun happen.  Unfortunately, we have been making so much fun that I have failed to capture any pictures with Isabelle.  But when Eric came home, he discovered one of our summer fun things.

Isabelle decided she wanted to take a nap today.  I reminded her I have a blue doggy sleeping bag, because what child would not want to nap in a blue doggy sleeping bag!  I told her of all the beds and sofas she could nap on, and she proclaimed that she wanted to nap on the stairs (better know as the landing between the stairs).

So, that is where we set up her napping spot.  Of course, she did not do more than roll around for 5 minutes or so, but it was making summer fun happen.  A bit later, hubby got home and inquired why Isabelle took a nap on the stairs.

Another little none tidbit about my hubby is that he thinks fake sleeping is hilarious.  You know, fake sleeping, when you close your eyes and try to fool someone into thinking you are asleep…yep, he thinks it is hilarious.  He loves to fake sleep while I am returning from my last visit to the bathroom before bed.  Silly, yes.  Funny, maybe a few times.  Six years later, I just roll my eyes and mutter some comment like, “stupid” and go on to bed.

So tonight, I decided it was time to do some fake sleeping of my own.  So Hailey and I sneaked onto the stairs while hubby was in the bathroom and Voila!  Here you go!  Enjoy!

fake sleeping big 081309fake sleeping 081309


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