The Weekend in Review: The Hunt Family Vacation

August 11, 2009 at 7:13 pm 1 comment

This weekend, in honor of my birthday and my brother, Todd’s birthday, we trekked up to Dallas for a good old fashion family vacation.  We stayed with my brother, Jeff, and his wife, Nikki…and when I say “we”, I mean my entire immediate family.  That makes 9 of us, 7 adults, a 4 year old, and our 5 1/2 month old.  And there house has 3 bedrooms.  And we were all piled in.  That equated to Eric, Hailey and I in the office, Grandma and Papa in the guest room, Jeff and Nikki in their room, and Todd and Isabelle on the sofa.

hailey road trip 080709

My hubby took Friday off, so we boarded Jango, and headed to Dallas.  Hailey slept for the first 2/3 of the trip, but somewhere around Hillsboro, she woke up.  Being that Hailey is only 5 1/2 months old, and that I am new to motherhood, I am still figuring out what she likes and dislikes, what she prefers or does not, what she is indifferent to and what she loves and hates.  She hates the car seat.  She has since her first journey home from the hospital.  There has never been any doubt about it.  So the last 1/3 of the trip entailed my arm being contorted in all different directions hunting for a toy, pacifier, or sippy cup in order to get a moment’s peace and quiet.  By the way, this did not seem to bother my hubby at all.  We also took a new route to Jeff and Nikki’s which meant I played navigator as well as contortionist for the last 45 minutes or so.  Thankfully, we get there just before my head exploded. 

We unloaded, made the mad dash to the bathroom, and then headed out for some lunch.  We ate at Chick-Fil-A, which you may remember I love, but you know how it made me feel (if not reference previous “The Weekend in Review: 2 life lessons”).  We had a great afternoon hanging out and playing with Hailey and had awesome homemade pizza and red velvet cake.  We put Hailey to bed, played a game, and then Eric and I headed to bed in the same room Hailey was asleep in.

hailey nursery 080709

Now, some of you know my hubby well, and some not at all.  If you know this about him, then you can see what is coming, if not, then surprise…Eric believes he is part stealth ninja.  So he mapped out exactly how to get in and out of the bed (read: inflatable air mattress) and our room without waking the baby.  However, this did entail a lot of detailed short, quick movements in limited space by two people.  It was quite the Mission Impossible type sequence, except that we were both in our pjs and there was no intense music in the background. 

Somehow, we got in the room and in the bed, and once everything was quiet again, my parents, brother and niece all arrived.  Thankfully, either there was a miraculous occurence of a supernatural “shush” or they all know my hubby well enough that they entered the house, got ready for bed, and got to sleep with little more than a peep.

Uncle Todd, Isabelle and Hailey off to the waterpark

Uncle Todd, Isabelle and Hailey off to the waterpark

The next day we headed out for the main event of the trip: the waterpark.  Yes, friends, where does everyone take their almost 6 month old?  The waterpark.  Babies love waterparks!  Or they love being with grandparents, aunts and uncles that will never let them be put down.  The waterpark was a blast!  We rented a cabana as well so that Hailey did not have to be in the sun all day and it was really a pretty perfect day.  We all took turns in the kids area with my niece, in the cabana with Hailey, and then on the big kid rides.  So fun, and then so exhausting.  It had me regretting my previous post about how great I feel at 36, because by the end of the day, I felt old.  Just plain old.

Isabelle sleeping

Isabelle sleeping

Needless to say, we got back to the house, had a wonderful dinner, and then basically crashed.  The next morning, we all headed to Jeff and Nikki’s church.  Jeff taught the children’s worship class the story of Joseph being sold by his brothers into slavery.  He included an auctioning off of Todd (no, not for real) as an illustration which was fun to get to watch.  It was really cool to see Jeff in his element teaching the children.  Truly, he is living out his calling. 

After church, we ate lunch and headed home.  Hailey slept almost the entire way home.  I guess we finally wore her out.  We had a fabulous time!  Thank you Hunt family for a great birthday celebration!

The ride home

The ride home


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  • 1. Grandparents  |  August 11, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    We agree with this debrief of last weekend. The 1st annual Hunt reunion, may there be many more!


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