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Yesterday was my birthday & after the year we’ve had I felt it was important to chart the journey.  But it got late last night, so there is a lot of rambling and errors that would make an English teacher crazy.  But alas, I was not an English teacher, so here it is: The Year in Review.

After almost five years of waiting, and with much medical help and  hundreds of needles, we were finally expecting our first baby.  So, on my 35th birthday, we were celebrating the final days of my first trimester.  We were hoping that days when food actually sounded good were coming & we were about to let out a big sigh of relief that our first trimester worries were over.

A week later we entered one of the toughest times of our lives. The baby was looking great, but I had a full month of unexplained bleeding that kept us in & out of the doctor’s office & ER. It about shot every bit of courage & strength we both could muster. We were constantly anxious & scared, yet little Hailey kept doing great. Thankfully this month passed & we had two months of feeling good in the “golden trimester”. I also promptly gained 20 pounds.

In December I quit my job & was ready to start a cooking frenzy for the holidays.  A week in, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and I had it bad.  A week after that I was insulin dependent and rewriting my holiday menus.  The needles made a return & this time I had to give myself the shots & blood tests.  The final trimester brought it’s own set of difficulties, but I really was feeling great and doing well.

In my final weeks, I was starting to progress.  The doctor said it looked like I was not going to be one of those stubborn ones where no progress is made…then the progress stopped.  Weeks 37, 38, & 39 passed with no progress.  Finally, while I was in a serious amount of pain, we were told it was time to schedule a c-section.  So, the next morning, Hailey joined us. Eric got pictures of each part of her being pulled out of my belly.  What a journey it had been! And finally she was here!

Due to my diabetes, the pressure was on to get the baby weight off.  In May I returned to CrossFitting, slowly at first.  And quickly the weight went off. And suddenly I was feeling lean.  And then I was feeling strong.

And now today, I must admit I feel like I never expected to feel at 36, nor 24 weeks after having my first baby, I feel fabulous.  I feel stronger than ever before.  I feel faster, and even more courageous than ever before. I am in the best shape of my life, and I am definitely proud of it.

I also feel more grateful than I have ever felt before. The Lord has so richly blessed us, as He always has, but I am more aware now, than ever, of His love & care for me.  He has turned our mourning into dancing (Jeremiah 31:13) as He has promised.

Therefore, today I celebrate!  What a year!  What a life!  I can’t wait to see what is next!  And here was the best moment of my birthday, curled up napping with my lil’ one (sorry for the lousy shot).

One additional note, I retook the RealAge assessment (by the great Dr. Oz) and it turns out you add years to your life by having a dog, and you lose 6 months off your score for having a baby due to the stress it brings in your life.  This has perplexed me greatly the last few days, and then I reread this post and I must concede to their assessment.


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