HMG @ 23 weeks!

July 30, 2009 at 10:39 am Leave a comment

Today Hailey is 23 weeks old!  It just donned on me as I have a friend whose baby is 1 month old today that she is getting closer and closer to that 6 month birthday.  And wow, it has happened so fast, it seems like a blur.  But not just a regular, old blur, but the happiest, contentest, peacefulest blur I have ever been in. 

She started rice cereal last week and is inhaling it.  This week we started having cereal for breakfast too and even attempted carrots last night.  The carrots were not met with much joy, but we will keep trying them.

This week Hailey has also introduced her mouth to her toes. She turns down carrots, but those toes apparently are pretty good!  She really loves exploring them and looks like a big baby ball every time I turn around.

Hailey, however, is not a fan of the tummy time.  She never has been and ever since she figured out how to roll off her tummy, tummy time consists of her rolling over in 10 seconds.  So much for the 30 minutes the doctor prescribed!  We are working on creative ways to keep her on her belly, but so far she is outsmarting us.  This is not a good indicator of future endeavors for Mommy and Daddy! 

All of that to say, we are having a blast!

hailey toes 073009haliey high chair 073009


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