The Weekend in Review: 2 life lessons

July 27, 2009 at 11:53 am 1 comment

Well, somehow another week has flown by and the weekend has come and gone.  Last week we had some construction going on around the house, which I intended to post about, but it turns out that it is hard to be home blogging when the house is reverberating.  So I may find some time to let you know what a fiasco that was last week, but for now, it is time for the weekend in review.

We had a great weekend.  Our chief objective was to stay out of the heat.  This seems to be our chief objective every July in Central Texas, so nothing new there. 

We started the weekend with what has become a new tradition in our house that we stole from my family, homemade pizza on Friday nights.  This week Hailey has started to eat solids, so she ate her rice cereal, which she loves by the way! 

Saturday morning, I headed out to a brunch hosted by my friend Melissa for a bunch of friends from our church.  After a morning of wonderful food, conservation and friends, I journeyed home and concluded that brunch is such fun and needs to be in my life more often!

Next on the list for the weekend was to acquire Hailey a life jacket.  We are going to a waterpark in Dallas with my family in a couple of weeks and when I asked about their life jackets for infants, I was informed that they were “kinda old” and if it were the helpful lady on the other end making the decision, she would buy a new one for a baby.  So, we concluded that the helpful waterpark lady was probably right and went out to buy Hailey a life jacket.  Now, I am one of those parents who totally wants my child to be as safe as possible.  So now that I have stated that, let me complain that life jackets are not pretty things to put on your pretty kiddos.  I know this one (the one we bought) at least has a cartoon character on it, but it is still not pretty, especially for a girl.  The adult life jackets are the same, nothing pretty or fun about them.  And upon further review, I think you could totally make some cute life jackets for children and adults, boys and girls…not sure why no one has done it.  But for what would probably amount to an additional $5, you could have everyone, everywhere far more excited about wearing a life jacket.  Ok, maybe just the fashion conscious people of the world.  So here is Hailey in her Diego life jacket…she is still pretty adorable, though, right?

Hailey's new life jacket

Hailey's new life jacket

And yes, she is standing on the floor in a store barefoot.  And yes, she has begun to put her feet in her mouth.  And yes, I realize I said, “I would never” and her Daddy just did.  It seemed much safer than Eric and I cramming her in the life jacket while holding her and trying to keep from dropping her in the middle of Academy.

Then we headed off for what has become another Gardiner family tradition, Saturday lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  We love Chick-Fil-A.  Since Hailey has been born, we have instituted this tradition because Chick-Fil-A is on the way home from my normal Saturday morning shopping expedition.  However, the last few Saturdays, Eric and I have literally belly-ached about our Saturday afternoon belly aches and have been discussing if Chick-Fil-A had anything to do with it.  Believe it or not, Chick-Fil-A did not make Fitness magazine’s list of “50 Best Foods to keep you skinny” which I read while on vacation.  So after we picked up Chick-Fil-A we had an honest discussion about the reality of a food you only eat once a week being once too many and we agreed that this would be surprising and is probably not true.  And then went home, ate our #1 Chick-Fil-A combo, Eric’s with no pickles and a Coke, and mine with Sweet Tea.  And yes, we spent the afternoon with belly aches.  And now, this family tradition is no longer on our list of family traditions.  Although, we will see how next Saturday goes, or if the temptation of that yummy chicken sandwich, fries and sweet tea beats us again!

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the air conditioning.  We took an evening drive and then home for bed.  Sunday we visited a church that we really enjoyed that is in the middle of a sermon series on parenting.  The key points were about our children’s needs for our touch, time and encouraging words.  It made me want to go home and hold my baby all day.  And encouraged me that as terrible as I felt with my baby on the floor in Academy, we are doing a few, very important things, right.

Sunday afternoon we enjoyed some nap time and then off to try some yummy frozen yogurt at this new little shop where you self-serve your yogurt and toppings and pay by the ounce.  The place was packed.  Apparently everyone’s chief July objective is not to die of heat exhaustion.

So, at the end of a great weekend, we have learned 2 important life lessons that I want to share with you:

1.  Parenting really is about the important things: loving on your kids, even if you occasionally have to put them on dirty public floors and dress them in ugly life jackets.

2.  There is such a thing as too much Chick-Fil-A.


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  • 1. Kelly Ann Timmins  |  July 27, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    Loved your family blog!!! Just found it through facebook and ya’ll are seriously one adorable family…

    AND I totally second the Hip Hip Hooray for Chick Fil A!!!

    Love you guys!

    Kelly Ann


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