The Vacation in Review: Part 2 – The Salon & The Party

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grayslake garden 071009The weather in Chicago was just beautiful, even when it was overcast and raining.  Granted it has been 103 + for some time here, so freezing rain and snow would have felt wonderful too.  Just look at how green everything is in the garden and the backyard.

 grayslake backyard 071009

Eric’s mom, Mary Anne, always includes lots of pampering for me in these trips.  She is the best mother-in-law ever!  So Friday I started the day at the Hair Fetish for some long needed work on my hair and nails.  This is always such fun because the gals at the Hair Fetish really are family to us.  It was also a godsend because I have spent the last 5 months putting my hair up into a ponytail and spent the 9 months prior to that harvesting grey hair.  Actually, its not even grey, it is white.  White, white, white…so, mama desperately needed some help.  My favorite comment of the morning, however, was when Kelly, the owner and my stylist, told me she was going to do low maintenance highlights on me, because, well, “if you are the kind of person who has waited six months to make it in to have your hair done, then you are probably low maintenance”.  And so I am, at least when it comes to my hair and this time and moment in space.

After all the relaxing and pampering treatments, it was time to get down to business.  Both my mother and father-in-law turned 60 last week, and we had a surprise party in the works.  Except, I could not haul 12 pounds of fajita meat and a dozen pinatas from Texas, so I had to do quite a bit a shopping for food, decorations, and the like.  We spent the afternoon on Friday and Saturday shopping and putting together food and decorations for the party.

Frank & Mary Anne

Frank & Mary Anne

I am not sure how much of a surprise the party really was for Frank and Mary Anne since we were constantly running “errands” that they could not join us for.  But the party was a blast!  The evening was a fabulous celebration of Frank and Mary Anne.  Surrounded by their family and friends, we ate, drank, partied, and watched a video that Eric’s sister and brother-in-law, Allison and Chris, put together of pictures from their lives.  The video was very well done and I think the most treasured gift they received. 

gardiner family 60 party

Kim, Hailey, Eric, Mary Anne, Frank, Allison, Chris

Watching the video, I was really struck by the impact a family has on life.  As Eric and I continue to grow into our roles as daddy and mommy, I find myself continuously focused on how to create a home and relationships in which Hailey will thrive and flourish as she grows up.  It is amazing to think that those pictures that represent a life and a family are what Eric and I are, and are creating for our children.  In someways I still feel like a child, yet here I am raising a child…at the age of 35 no less.  Wow, the magnitude of the fact that I am a mother is incomprehensible.  But each day has passed over the last 5 months, and we all grow, all three of us.  One of us is getting cuter by the second, and the other two older.  But we are having a great time of it!


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