The Vacation in Review: Part 1 – Getting There

July 16, 2009 at 10:05 pm Leave a comment

This will be part of a series…not sure how many, but I have a 5 month old who just returned from vacation, so it is all up to her.

Our vacation started with the standard traveling woes.  Unfortunately, every time we have traveled over the last 3 years it has resulted in the standard traveling woes.  We have coined it “The Gardiner Family Curse”. 

Hailey packing

Hailey packing

At 6:00 am, both of our cell phones rang notifying us that our flight had been cancelled and that we had been rebooked on the next flight, 4 1/2 hours later, and that no, we could not pick our seats.  As a new breast-feeding mom, I tried not to panic and put much energy into the image of me stuck between two, quite large men and struggling to fit myself, my baby and my hooter hider in the middle seat.  Just as we settled into the idea that we would, indeed, get through any scenario we could dream up, our flight was delayed, and then delayed again.  So with two laptops up and running tracking the plane we were waiting on and where it was stuck and the weather in that city, we frantically put together an alternate plan, just in case.

Indeed, all things moved forward, minutes went by, then hours, and we found ourselves headed to the airport.  Hailey had her first bus ride from the parking lot to the airport, which she thoroughly enjoyed, as did everyone else on the bus…and they all gave their best advice on baby’s first plane rides.

Hailey's 1st bus ride

Hailey's 1st bus ride

Mercifully, the travel gods at the American Platinum Desk gave us two seats together on the first row behind first class, which would be perfect to everyone but my hubby, who hated these seats because we could not put our luggage under the seat in front of us.  His hatred for this will come back to bite us before we get home…

Hailey at the airport

Hailey at the airport

But without further delay, we boarded the plane.  In case you have not noticed, this blog is really about Hailey’s life journey as much as anything else, so here are the pictures from her first plane ride.  She did very well.  Eric and I passed her back and forth the entire flight.  She loved looking out the window too.  She also required an outfit change on the plane, and enjoyed her complimentary beverage.

Hailey's complimentary beverage

Hailey's complimentary beverage

Hailey enjoying the view

Hailey enjoying the view

And, we landed.  The vacation had begun.  The weather was wonderful.  So much yet to come.  Stay tuned.


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