Shock waves and Revenge

June 25, 2009 at 1:18 am 1 comment

So today was officially doctor day…as I had two appointments in a row at two different doctors, at two different offices and then ran into another doctor at dinner.  In my world, it has been a blog worthy day.  Plus, three days in a row…a personal record!

My first appointment was with a neurologist for diagnostic testing of some pain I have been having in my wrists.  I have previously been diagnosed with carpal tunnel and have had some issues with it on and off for years.  I went to my GP on Monday hoping for a Rx for physical therapy.  My GP decided that we had to officially test for a compressed nerve in my wrist, so he sent me for this testing.  He said the neurologist would use some needles that would not hurt for the test.  He did not tell me that this would entail shocking my hands and arms repeatedly for 30 minutes.  The neurologist did assure me that the shocks would be short in duration, however, he shocked me 40+ times…so it was a long 30 minutes.  It was great practice in “mind over matter” trying to keep myself from freaking out just seconds prior to the next shock.  All of that shocking for the neurologist to conclude that I do not have carpal tunnel syndrome or a compressed nerve.  Seriously, all of that to find out more testing is needed, and this next round involves bigger needles.

I left this appointment, ran and got lunch and ate in the car so that Hailey could get a semi-nap in, and then, the next appointment. 

This appointment was a follow-up with my gestational diabetes doctor.  Now, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 29 weeks.  I was immediately sent to the diabetes doctor (the endocrinologist) and became insulin dependent a week later.  This was to my surprise, my hubby’s surprise, my OB’s surprise and really, everyone’s surprise…except for the diabetes doctor, who regularly made me feel like this was completely my fault, despite what all medical research says.  So, my appointments and bi-weekly communications with this doctor became dreaded moments that tainted my last trimester joys.  The doctor would also regularly question my pre-pregnancy weight, the weight of all of my female relatives, my diet and my age.  Bottom line: I disliked her strongly (because I try not to hate) and it built up inside me in such a way that I could not wait to walk into this follow-up appointment at my pre-pregnancy weight and have my revenge.  Thus, it has been a key part of my drive to get back into shape post-baby.  And today, I achieved it!  I felt myself walk into that office like a triumphant return home from the Biggest Loser Ranch.  Of course, she gave me a short lecture in keeping up a healthy lifestyle and weight, including no junk food.  And of course, I thought…who really lives without ANY junk food?  Seriously.

So to celebrate, Eric took us out for a romantic dinner at the Double Dave’s pizza buffet…and there we ran into my GP.  There is always something reassuring about seeing your doctor standing next to you in the pizza buffet line.

By the way, I brilliantly put Hailey in a dress that she could put in her mouth and suck on all day.  She did great!  But, still no teethies yet.

sucking on my dress

sucking on my dress


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  • 1. GranMaMa  |  June 25, 2009 at 3:14 am

    I love your pretty dress Miss Hailey!!!


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