Cookies, cookies, cookies

October 14, 2005 at 12:13 pm Leave a comment

This week began a new journey for us.  On this journey, I get to organize an event at our new church.  The event is to help invite people to church by giving them something that brings back great memories….cookies.  So, I decided that I can save the church some money by making up all the cookie dough.  And thus begins the chaos.  How do you determine how many people we will be giving cookies to?  And then, how do you determine how much dough that equates to?

I was stumped on question # 1, much less how to get to the store and buy the ingredients that require the answer to both questions.  But alas, I found a number and then did a little math and came up with a grocery list…..a 25# bag of flour, 20 bags of chocolate chips, 10# of butter….and so it goes.  I mixed dough for 5+ hours, froze 422 cookie dough balls and created one giant mess in my kitchen.  I still have another 200+ to make next week and then possible more the next week….

Which is all rather humourous remembering that about a year ago Eric & I were discussing that starting a bakery was not really what we wanted to do.  Today I can honestly thank the Lord for that revelation and the mighty ways He works!  And just for you who are wondering, Jango tried to eat anything and everything he could get to as I worked on those cookies…he is a great dog!

Speaking of, Jango graduated from Foundation Agility class last night.  Eric & I were so proud.  He was not having a good day, he even accidently marked my leg before he did his final agility course.  (Note: I was very embarassed and had to wash off with the hose at class!  All I could do was laugh!)  So we were a little anxious as we waited for our turn.  And of course, we went last because he is the biggest dog and can jump higher jumps than the rest.  But wow, he did great.  He made it through the entire course and did most of the obstacles great with Eric simply leading him.  He did not even stop for treats from me!  He is a wonderdog!


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