Turf Wars

August 30, 2005 at 8:34 am 2 comments

The last few mornings, tensions have been running high between Jango and his nemesis, the neighbor’s cat.  Each morning, Jango rises early, usually in the pre-dawn hours, to ready himself for battle.  Indeed, he has taken to waking his family earlier than usual (with a wet nose to my face) to scout out the territory before sunrise.  I can only assume he hopes to learn as much as he can about what the neighbor’s cat is up to before any confrontation is to take place.

Img_1730But the neighbor’s cat is no fool.  He seems to know that the 6-ft privacy fence that separates the yards will offer he some protection.  But the neighbor’s cat is also cocky.  He does not seem to know that Jango can clear a 6-ft fence without really trying.  And so the neighbor’s cat has started to taunt Jango in the early morning hours, peering over the fence in blatant mockery.

In the face us such disrespectful jeering, Jango has exercised remarkable restraint.  He patrols the fence line with great intensity, and he will make his vertical presence known intermittently, but he has not pursued the neighbor’s cat beyond the barrier of the fence.  And for this, his owners salute him.Img_1734

But we know that one slip-up, and the neighbor’s cat will be humbled.  Until then, Jango waits patiently, reviewing and calculating his options.  And his owners make sure that they stick close by too, just in case things escalate into a full-scale turf war requiring sanctions and intervention.


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  • 1. Jeff and Nikki  |  August 30, 2005 at 6:51 pm

    Well, once Jango makes that slip-up, let us know if you need any legal advice!! (Another reason to, that we will NEVER have a dog!!!)

  • 2. Mom  |  September 2, 2005 at 9:06 pm

    What a dear, sweet grandpuppy. He is protecting his mom and dad from the frightening cat next door. You go Jango! I can’t wait to meet you. Hopefully I will have a trip to San Antonio soon which will, of course, put me close enough to Austin that I will have to come for a short visit. Take care until then. Love, Mom, your Grand Ma Ma


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