The Neighbor’s Cat

July 27, 2005 at 9:06 am Leave a comment

He is big, he is built (lean, mean, muscle-machine) yet Jango is a total lap dog….unless he sees his arch-enemy, the neighbor’s cat.  The cat is now our arch-enemy as well, because as soon as he is spotted by Jango, Jango turns into a tazmanian devil.   He cannot be moved or shaken by anything else (well almost anything).  He darts from one window in the house to another just to catch sight of the cat’s location and I am fairly sure it is all he is dreaming about!  At his previous home, he got hold of their cat and hurt it really bad.  And one of our other neighbors is actually hoping Jango gets hold of this one too because the cat kills birds.  It is a natural thing, you know, the food chain and all.

Now I used to like cats, never was a "cat-person", but liked them.  But currently, I cannot see anything great about them, other than that it would be the one thing Jango actually fetched and would consistently pay attention to.

Last night was Jango’s first night at obedience school at Hearts and Paws.  He is the only adult dog there, so he towers above the rest.  And, by the way, he did not try to eat or chase after the rest(most were 1/3-1/4 of his size).  He did very well, but we have lots of homework to work on.  By the way, Hearts and Paws is the best dog place around.  They truly know about everything on how to train a dog and just love dogs!

All this to say, Jango actually is a fence jumper.  He jumped the fence this morning into one of our neighbor’s backyard.  The neighbor was not home, so Eric rescued him.  But it looks like we will be putting in an electric fence this weekend.  I hate to do it, but he cannot get out.  He has only jumped a few times, but it is always after he see his arch-enemy, that darn cat!


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